About Johnson & Starr

Johnson & Starr offers Texas property owners fair, flexible, and easy-to-understand loans that relieve the stress of burdensome past-due property tax bills. As an Austin-based company, we take pride in serving Texas residential and commercial property owners by providing property tax loans that save homes and businesses. 

“Our commitment to serving our clients is unwavering. Each of our employees has years of experience protecting Texans who need help with high property tax bills. We are proud to offer payment plans that fit the needs of our clients, competitive terms, and our one-of-a-kind ‘Life Happens’ package of loan advantages.” — Nikolaos Stavros, CEO 

Benefits of a Johnson & Starr Property Tax Loan

  • No application fee
  • No credit check
  • No home inspection needed
  • No missed time from work—we'll come to you for the closing
  • No money due at closing

Meet the Team


Nik Stavros, CEO

Prior to launching Johnson & Starr, Nik was the managing partner for the industry’s premier legal firm. During his decade of experience as a real estate attorney, he was a leading expert on tax lending laws and regulations. He helped some of the largest tax lenders to craft more client-friendly collection and foreclosure policies, and worked diligently with counties and foreclosure firms to prevent the sale of Texans’ homes and businesses. Nik graduated from Michigan State University with a BA in Economics and received his JD from Western Michigan University before relocating to Austin, Texas. When not working, you are most likely to find Nik with his wife and son at an Austin FC soccer game. 


Andy Cahill, President

Andy previously served as Chief Operating Officer of Hunter-Kelsey, one of the largest property tax lenders, where he oversaw most aspects of the business including underwriting, servicing, financing, and sales. He has extensive financial experience as a portfolio risk manager, derivatives structurer, and business development officer. After taking two years to travel the country by RV with his wife and young children, he was drawn back to tax lending by the belief that clients should be at the center of the process. Andy graduated with a BA from Dartmouth College, where he majored in Biology and International Relations. When not working, you are most likely to find Andy eating his way across the globe with his family. 

Core Values



We know sometimes life happens, and you may have difficulty making payments. Our property tax loans are customized to fit your unique situation and can be flexible to adapt to nearly any loan requirement. 



Some lenders will charge you for just about everything. We don’t believe it’s right to charge you for your own loan statements, copies of loan documents, payoff quotes, or any other account maintenance. And speaking of payoffs, we don’t charge any extra fees if you decide to pay off your loan early. In fact, if you can do that, we’ll be happy for you. 



We guarantee that our loan terms will be competitive. If you have terms from another lender, just tell us, and we will compare the pros and cons with you. And if we aren’t the best solution, we’ll tell you. We’ll be sad to lose you, but we recognize that the client’s needs come first. 



Texas property taxes are already some of the highest in the nation, and when your county starts piling on interest, penalties, and collection fees, it can feel overwhelming. Our loans can reverse all that pressure. We will pay your residential or commercial property tax bill in full. With the pressure gone, we’ll create a repayment plan based on your priorities. 

Johnson & Starr is regulated by the state of Texas and accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Carey Dellandre
Carey Dellandre
April 9, 2022.
Getting behind on property taxes is terrifying and often happens for reasons that are way outside our own control. My case is no different. I worked hard every day of my life but cancer and the resulting divorce left me behind the curve in every aspect of my life. Picking the pieces up isn’t easy. Then the state wants to take my home with only one ridiculously outrageous payment option. I looked up the number tax loan companies in Texas and found Johnson and Starr. They saved my home. They gave me affordable and flexible options. I worked with an amazing young lady Dora. She explained everything and made me feel completely comfortable. She’s so quick to reply to anything I needed and every single promise she made representing Johnson and Starr has been followed through to the fullest! Johnson and Starr with Dora was the first stable foothold I found while putting my life back together and I couldn’t be more grateful for their help in saving the home I’ve invested everything into and where I raise my children. Sincerely,,,, Thank you
Frank Reyes
Frank Reyes
April 6, 2022.
Miss Dora was so professional and helpful. She really goes above and beyond. Excellent customer service.
Lourdes Acevedo
Lourdes Acevedo
March 31, 2022.
Quiero agradecer el buen servicio de Dora González por su dedicación que nos brindó para que Johnson Starr nos ayudará a salvar nuestro hogar 🏠 no tengo más palabra para agradecer por su atención que nos brindó 🙏🏻Gracias 😊 y que Dios las siga bendiciendo para seguir ayudando a más gente 🌹
Aquarius Daniels
Aquarius Daniels
March 29, 2022.
Johnson & Starr really went out their way to help save my home. They kept me update with what was gonna take place. Dora one of their agents told me the process step by step. I can't thank them enough for there professional service.