Debt Servicing for Homeowners' Associations

Let Us Handle the Burden of Managing Your HOA Payments, Servicing, Late Fees and More

HOAs collect over $100 billion dollars in fees and dues per year in the United States. That makes for a LOT of transactions, servicing, collections activities, and more put on the plates of HOAs and management companies. Johnson & Starr is proud and excited to offer the expertise of our skilled and dedicated servicing team to ease the day-to-day burden on community managers.

Johnson & Starr partners with HOA management entities and larger HOAs that have significant amounts of debt within their communities.

  • Developers
  • Property Managers
  • Large HOAs
  • HOA Management Companies
  • Debt Collectors
  • Overburdened Servicers

We put our expert servicing team to work for you to help collect payments, follow up with overdue bills, assess fees and interest, and more. Our goal is to minimize the significant servicing burden that could be put on organizations that are not well-suited to manage and handle large numbers of individual transactions.

Working with Johnson & Starr is simple:

Step 1 Contact Us

Call us or fill out the form at the bottom of the page, and we will call you. We will ask you some basic questions to determine if we are your best option for HOA debt servicing.

Step 2 Portfolio Review

Our expert team will review your community's portfolio and collection process in detail to ensure that switching to us will be seamless for your homeowners.

Step 3 We Go To Work

Your collections and servicing become our passion, as we help receive and process dues payments on your behalf, keeping homeowners happy and freeing your time to manage your community, not bills.

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