A Guide to Understanding the July 1st Property Tax Penalty in Texas Header Image

A Guide to Understanding the July 1st Property Tax Penalty in Texas

June 25, 2024

In Texas, missing the January 31st deadline can lead to penalties, culminating in a significant financial hit on July 1st. In this blog, we’ll provide the details of this penalty, the reasons why it’s crucial to avoid it, and practical tips to ensure you stay ahead of your financials. What is the July 1st Property…

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The Hidden Costs of Homeownership: What New Home Buyers Need to Know

June 13, 2024

Buying a new home is an exhilarating experience, filled with dreams of decorating, landscaping, and settling into a space that’s uniquely yours. However, the excitement can sometimes overshadow the less glamorous aspects of homeownership – particularly the unexpected expenses that can catch new homeowners off guard. In honor of National Homeownership Month, we pulled together…

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What Property Tax Measures Are Available to Veterans

What Property Tax Measures Are Available to Veterans

May 28, 2024

In honor of National Military Appreciation Month this May, Johnson & Starr is highlighting valuable property tax benefits available to veterans. Texas provides a range of special benefits for service members, veterans, and their families, including property tax relief options to alleviate financial strain. Whether you’re currently serving, have served in the past, or are…

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Your Guide to Property Tax Loans and Credit Scores

May 13, 2024

When considering a loan, most people are rightly concerned about their credit score. Defaulted payments or frequent credit checks can negatively impact your credit rating. However, property tax loans don’t normally show up on your credit report. Some property tax lenders, like Johnson & Starr, offer property tax loans to help you get your finances…

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4 Myths about Texas Property Tax Loans

May 8, 2024

Texas property tax loans are often misunderstood. As a trusted property tax lender, Johnson & Starr aims to provide you with the right knowledge to help you determine what is true and what is not. In this blog, we’ll debunk the four most common misconceptions about property tax loans and give you a better understanding…

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2023 and 2024 Texas Property Tax Penalty and Interest Chart

April 3, 2024

Don’t take overdue property taxes lightly in Texas. Paying them promptly is crucial because, beginning February 1st of each tax year, unpaid taxes are labeled delinquent and slapped with a 7% penalty. This isn’t a one-off; a 2% increase is added each month. Come July, if taxes remain unpaid, you face the year’s steepest penalty…

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Understanding Harris County Property Taxes: Essential Tips for Homeowners

March 18, 2024

Harris County property owners should know the basics of property taxes to ensure effective financial and property management. This guide will help explain how property taxes are determined, important tax dates, and some essential tips for property tax delinquency. How Is Harris County Property Tax Determined? The Harris Central Appraisal District establishes taxable values and…

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New Year Means New Texas Property Tax Law

February 27, 2024

After many months of negotiating, a property tax relief package known as Proposition 4 was passed with 83% of the vote from the Senate and House last November. This law became effective on January 1st, 2024, meaning Texas homeowners and businesses should have received a property tax cut in their 2023 property tax bill. Here’s…

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A Guide to Delinquent Property Taxes in Texas Header Photo

A Guide to Delinquent Property Taxes in Texas

February 5, 2024

If you have recently fallen behind on paying your Texas property taxes, the situation can feel quite overwhelming. Paying your property tax bill at once can be a daunting task for most, especially when dealing with penalties and late fees. Fortunately, there are several solutions if you can’t pay your delinquent property tax bill in…

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Property Tax Loan Calculator

Property Tax Loan Calculator

January 27, 2024

If you’re looking for an affordable option to pay off your Texas property taxes, a property tax loan could be a great fit for your needs. At Johnson & Starr, we offer loans that save homes. Our property tax loans are customized to fit your unique situation and can be flexible to adapt to nearly…

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