Paying Property Taxes

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Texas Property Tax Resources

May 20, 2022

From understanding how your tax bill is calculated, to determining if you qualify for a tax exemption, the property tax system in Texas can be confusing and sometimes difficult to understand. So, we’ve decided to share some helpful texas property tax resources and legal information for Texas property owners.  Appraisals  If you are looking to…

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What to Know About Tax Lien Foreclosure in Texas

May 18, 2022

A tax lien foreclosure, which uses the judicial foreclosure process, can happen when a homeowner does not pay their delinquent property taxes. In order to recover the debt, the local government can file a legal claim against the homeowner and has the right to seize and sell their home.  Texas is known for having some…

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What Are Property Tax Deferrals? 

May 6, 2022

If you’re a Texas homeowner, chances are you’re familiar with property taxes, but what is a property tax deferral, and who qualifies? A property tax deferral allows you to put off paying your property taxes for a certain period. It’s important to note that a property tax deferral does not mean you’ll never have to…

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How to Protest Your Property Tax in Texas

May 3, 2022

Like many Texas homeowners this year, you may have been caught off-guard by the increase in property taxes. With these increases being as much as 10%, many Texans are looking for ways to help lower their costs. Protesting your property tax is an important option to explore and can save you several hundred to several…

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Paying Taxes on an Inherited Property in Texas

April 19, 2022

Inheriting a property can be a complicated and overwhelming process, especially if there are taxes owed on the home. From federal estate taxes to property taxes—there are different laws and tax exemptions depending on the state. Here is a quick guide to help you navigate paying taxes on an inherited property in Texas: Capital gains…

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Critical Dates for Filing Property Tax in Texas

April 15, 2022

If you own a home or commercial property in Texas, it is essential to stay up to date when paying your property tax bill. Texas has some of the highest property taxes in the nation, making it easy to fall behind on payments. If you miss your property tax bill payment, you will be subject…

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Why is my property tax bill higher this year?

March 30, 2022

Were you caught off-guard by a higher Texas property tax bill this year? Whether you pay your property taxes directly or you have an escrow account set up with your mortgage, property tax increases can be an expensive surprise. But what makes your property taxes increase? Here are a few of the most common reasons.…

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Options for Paying Your Property Taxes

February 24, 2022

So, you have received a property tax bill or notice that you are delinquent on paying your property taxes. Now what? If you’re like most people, you don’t have thousands of dollars in the bank to simply make a payment. An expensive bill and the stress of impending late charges and interest fees can be…

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Determining if You Need a Property Tax Loan

February 2, 2022

Is a Property Tax Loan Right for Me? In a crowded sea of loan options, including dozens of lenders online at your fingertips, how do you know where to start shopping? And how will you know what kind of lender is right for your unique situation? Answer a few simple questions and we can help…

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