Property Tax Exemptions

Texas Legislature Passes Two Property Tax Relief Bills – What to Know

June 2, 2023

On Tuesday, May 6, 2023, the Texas House and Senate passed two differing bills for property tax relief during the first day of the special session after months of negotiating. Both bills are meant to spend money on what is called a property tax compression (lower tax rate) and use $12.3 billion to reduce Texas…

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5 Home Buying Tips for Texas Veterans

May 4, 2023

With one of the most robust veteran benefits programs in the nation, it’s no surprise that the state of Texas is a popular location for veterans to live in. Whether you’re a seasoned property owner or a first-time home buyer, there are various resources for Texas veterans that can help make the buying process simpler…

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Texas Homestead Exemptions: What They Are and When to File

April 28, 2023

After paying off last year’s Texas property taxes, you might be looking for ways to lower your property tax bill for the following year. One way to do this is through filing for a residence homestead exemption. Below, you can learn all about Texas homestead exemptions, how they work, and when to file. What is…

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Types of Property Tax Exemptions in Texas

January 5, 2022

Although every property owner in Texas is taxed on the value of their property, it is possible to qualify for a partial or even total exemption that reduces the property amount on which you are taxed. What type of exemptions are there and how can you find out if you qualify? Below are the most common exemptions…

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