Property Tax Lenders

Getting a texas property tax loan with bad credit

Can I Still Get a Texas Property Tax Loan with Bad Credit?

September 13, 2022

You might assume getting approved for a property tax loan in Texas is impossible if you have poor or bad credit. While some property tax lenders require a credit check to determine your eligibility for a loan, other property tax lenders, like Johnson & Starr, do not perform a credit check and will not report…

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Requirements for a Property Tax Loan Company in Texas

August 30, 2022

Property tax loans help homeowners and commercial property owners in Texas avoid costly interest, fees, and penalties charged by the county, but not all property tax lending companies are the same. Keep reading to learn what you can look for when selecting a trusted property tax lender in Texas.  Are they licensed by the Texas…

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What to Look for in a Property Tax Lender

March 1, 2022

Getting a property tax loan in Texas can be a simple process completed in just a few days–if you’re working with the right lender. Property tax loans are different than many loan products on the market. Home mortgage loans, for example, require endless requests for documents, numerous inspections and appraisals, and long wait times for…

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