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Got Hit with the July Tax Penalty? Here’s How We Can Help

Texas property taxes are already some of the highest in the nation, and when your county starts piling on interest, penalties, and collection fees, it can start to feel almost impossible to get your taxes paid off. Especially after July 1st, when you are hit with the biggest penalty of the year. If this has happened to you, don’t worry! Johnson & Starr can help relieve the stress of burdensome past-due property tax bills within just a few days to get you back on your feet. Keep reading to learn about what happens after you are hit with this penalty and how we can help.

What Happens After You Are Hit with the July 1st Penalty?

After July 1st, you not only have to deal with the penalties of your delinquent property taxes nearly doubling, but you are faced with other problems that involve a property tax lien and tax foreclosure. A property tax lien is a legal claim attached to your property when you haven’t paid your property taxes. Once this lien is placed on your property, authorities can start the foreclose process on a property. If this process hasn’t happened already, July 1st is usually an indicator that this could happen soon and is the date where counties can foreclose on the most recent delinquent year of 2022. They could also sue on any previous year at any point now as well. To learn more about what happens when you don’t settle your property tax bill by July 1st, read our blog here: https://johnsonandstarr.com/why-its-important-to-settle-your-delinquent-texas-property-taxes-before-july-1st/

How Can a Johnson & Starr Property Tax Loan Help?

At this point you have been hit with the largest penalty in July and are looking at the possibility of foreclosure on your home, which should not be taken lightly. So, how can Johnson & Starr help solve these problems? Johnson & Starr is a property tax lender that provides loans to save homes with a fast and affordable process. A residential property tax loan from Johnson & Starr stops the county or other taxing authority from adding more to your tax bill. It also stops any movement there might have been toward foreclosure. We pay off your taxes in full then you can pay us back on a schedule that works for you.

Benefits of a Johnson & Starr Property Tax Loan

Johnson & Starr has helped borrowers for decades, and we know that life happens. That is why we build flexibility into your loan, guaranteed.

With a Johnson & Starr property tax loan, you get all of the benefits and flexibility below:

  • A plan that fits, with payment terms based on what you say is manageable for your budget
  • The option to skip payments. After you start monthly payments, you can skip a certain number of payments with no extra fees or penalties. This is intended to help consistent payors get relief if they need to skip a payment.
  • End-of-year rebate. If you start your loan by the end of February and then make payments as scheduled for the rest of the year, we will send you a cash rebate in January to start your new year on a high note.
  • No hidden fees. We don’t believe it’s right to charge you for your own loan statements, copies of loan documents, payoff quotes, or any other account maintenance

To learn more about Johnson & Starr benefits and property tax loans, click here.

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If you are looking to avoid more stress from your overdue property taxes, a property tax loan might be the right solution for you. Our team is backed by professionals who have years of experience working with property tax loans in the state of Texas. Find out how we can help save your home – give us a call today at 855-987-8565, and we’ll answer any of your questions.