Your Guide to Property Tax Loans and Credit Scores

Your Guide to Property Tax Loans and Credit Scores

When considering a loan, most people are rightly concerned about their credit score. Defaulted payments or frequent credit checks can negatively impact your credit rating. However, property tax loans don’t normally show up on your credit report. Some property tax lenders, like Johnson & Starr, offer property tax loans to help you get your finances in order without any impact to your credit score. Below we have outlined some important things to know about a Johnson & Starr property tax loan and its impact on your credit.

Johnson & Starr Does Not Run a Credit Check to Secure Your Loan

Getting behind on your property taxes can happen to anybody. At Johnson & Starr, we sympathize with your situation and want to help, not hurt, your financial status. This is one reason that we bypass credit checks entirely for our customers, with our loan secured by your property instead. Applying for a loan with us is not only straightforward and cost-free, but you can be comfortable knowing that working with us won’t negatively impact your credit. Learn more by reading our blog here.

Johnson & Starr Does Not Report to Credit Bureaus

Yes, you read that right. Johnson & Starr does not report your loan activity to any credit bureaus. This means that our loan doesn’t show up as debt on your credit report, and your regular payments or any missed payments won’t affect your credit score. We understand that everyone can experience financial setbacks and occasionally miss a payment. Our main focus is on providing a seamless loan experience and keeping Texas homeowners in their home.

Homeowners Can Self-report to Positively Impact Their Credit

While we don’t report to credit agencies, there’s still an opportunity to improve your credit score if you choose to self-report your loan payments. This proactive approach to managing your credit score is something you can do independently. So, let go of your worries about any negative credit impacts when securing a loan with us. At Johnson & Starr, we prioritize providing exceptional service to ensure your financial freedom and peace of mind. We believe in walking the path of financial stability together with our clients, ensuring a beneficial journey for both parties. If you are in need of a property tax loan but don’t want your credit score negatively impacted, contact us today!