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5 Counties in Texas with the Lowest Property Tax Rates in 2023

As the saying goes, “Everything is bigger in Texas,” and the same is true for property taxes. Property taxes in the Lone Star State are known to be some of the highest in the United States, but did you know some homeowners in several Texas counties pay a property tax bill that is among the lowest in the nation? Texas consists of 254 counties, all ranging in population, specific needs, and operational costs, causing each county’s property tax rate to vary. Keep reading to learn the 5 counties with the lowest average Texas property tax rates in 2023 and a little history behind them.

1. Terrell County, TX – $285

Terrell County, Texas Courthouse. Image Source

Founded in 1905, Terrell County was named for Alexander W. Terrell, who was a district court judge and diplomat. Terrell County is in the big bend area of southwestern Texas, bordered on the south by Mexico. It is one of the most rural regions in the state, with around 2,300 square miles of ranchland and a population of fewer than 1,000 residents. The area has an effective tax rate of 0.67% and a median property tax total of about $285.

2. Ward County, TX – $342

Ward County, Texas Courthouse. Image Source

Ward County was organized in 1892 and named for Thomas William Ward, most commonly known as “Peg Leg” Ward. He was the second commissioner of the General Land Office and served as the three-time mayor of Austin. Ward County lies just north of Fort Stockton in rural west Texas and is home to just over 11,000 residents. The area consists of about 836 square miles bisected by Interstate 20 and is made up of six towns and cities and one unincorporated community. The median property value is around $45,000, so homeowners pay a tax rate of 0.76% on average and a median property tax total of about $342.

3. Zapata County, TX – $359

Zapata County, Texas Courthouse. Image Source

Founded in 1858, Zapata County was named for Colonel Jose Antonio de Zapata, a local rancher who was part of the Texas Rebellion against Mexico. The county is situated along the Texas-Mexican border at Falcon Lake in rural South Texas, with fewer than 15,000 people. There are no towns or cities in the entire county; instead, it is made up of 12 census-designated communities. Zapata County has a low property tax rate of 0.76% with a median property tax total of about $359 per year.

4. Upton County, TX – $359

Upton County, Texas Courthouse. Image Source

Created in 1887 and organized in 1920, Upton County is named after two brothers, John C. and William F. Upton, both Confederate army colonels. The county is located just south of the Midland-Odessa area in the Edwards Plateau oil-producing region of Texas. Upton County consists of 1,242 square miles and has a population of just over 3,000. Homeowners in Upton County have an effective tax rate of 0.84% and pay a median property tax total of about $359 per year.

5. Zavala County, TX – $369

Zavala County, Texas Courthouse. Image Source

Zavala County was created in 1858 and organized in 1884. The county was named after Lorenzo de Zavala, the first vice president of the Republic of Texas. Zavala County is located southwest of San Antonio, between the Texas cities of Uvalde and Carrizo Springs. The rural county is about 1,300 square miles and has a population of about 12,000. The county is made up of census-designated and unincorporated areas that do not have their own governmental structures, which is one of the reasons that Zavala County has such low property tax rates. Homeowners in Zavala County pay a tax rate of about 1% with a median property tax bill of about $369.

Need Help Paying Off Your Property Taxes?

Despite each of these counties having a low property tax rate, the majority of Texans deal with high property tax bills at the end of each year, sometimes making it difficult to pay your property tax bill on your own. So, if you are currently struggling to pay your property taxes, contact us today, and we will immediately pay the entire tax bill on your home and set up a flexible repayment plan for you.