2023 and 2024 Texas Property Tax Penalty and Interest Chart

Don’t take overdue property taxes lightly in Texas. Paying them promptly is crucial because, beginning February 1st of each tax year, unpaid taxes are labeled delinquent and slapped with a 7% penalty. This isn’t a one-off; a 2% increase is added each month. Come July, if taxes remain unpaid, you face the year’s steepest penalty in the form of a 20% increase. Therefore, the longer you delay payment, the more penalties and interest inflate your bill. So, it’s best to settle your tax bill ASAP to dodge these hefty fees.

For a more detailed breakdown of the penalty and interest fees for Texas property tax, read the chart below:

Month Penalties & Interest Attorney Fees Total % Increase 
FEB 7.0%  7.0% 
MAR 9.0%  9.0% 
APR 11.0%  11.0% 
MAY 13.0%  13.0% 
JUN 15.0%  15.0% 
JUL 18.0% *20.0% 41.6% 
AUG 19.0% *20.0% 42.8% 
SEP 20.0% *20.0% 44.0% 
OCT 21.0% *20.0% 45.2% 
NOV 22.0% *20.0% 46.4% 
DEC 23.0% *20.0% 47.6% 
Source: Texas Comptroller, 2023 and 2024 Penalty and Interest Chart

*The collection penalty will be 15% or 20% of the total taxes, penalties, and interest due, depending on your taxing jurisdiction. Travis County may not apply attorney fees until a legal foreclosure process is begun.

Don’t Wait to Get Property Tax Help

Don’t let overdue property taxes in Texas weigh you down! Delaying payment only adds to your debt through accrued interest, penalties, and fees. Worse yet, you’re risking a county lawsuit and possible foreclosure. Don’t wait – get help now! Johnson & Starr provides property tax loans to ease the pressure of back-taxes. We settle your bill instantly and devise a repayment plan tailored to your situation. Contact us today to speak with our licensed loan officers. They’re ready to answer your questions and get you started.